Saint Teresa Casita Parish Ministry

Since the Casita is named after Saint Teresa of Calcutta it seems appropriate that we start with her. As you may know, she was a woman of small stature. But what she lacked in height was offset by the enormity of the love she had in her heart.

That love was for the poor, the hungry, the afflicted - the outcasts of Society. Her life was dedicated to the needy so it’s no wonder that the Casita is dedicated to the needy so it is also why we dedicated the Casita to her and her mission. The mission statement, “serving those in greatest need” was inspired by this great Saint. Like Saint Teresa we are called to seek the poorest of the poor, and to seek “Calcutta” in our own hometown.

The Casita has a growing list of the needy here in San Pedro. You most likely encounter them every day. The Casita started in September 2017 and distributed what it could - a bag of flour and clothing. The count at that time was about 10 and 20 visitors. It has grown to a planned community day twice monthly. We serve over 80 families. Due to the pandemic, we had to adapt to creative ways of praying and serving with our visitors. All community days include an element of prayer and visitors are encouraged to say prayers or stop by the church and offer thanks to Our Lord.

These people are visited and interviewed. We know them personally. We do deliver to those in great need and are not getting any other assistance. We continue to establish our work of mercy organization at our San Pedro Roman Catholic Church serving those in greatest need.

How Can I Help?

Donations - Donations are of course essential to the operation of the Casita for without them what’s the sense? Donations vary so we ask if you can contact us to inquire about what is needed for each month.


Prayers - We pray for the poor, the needy and the sick. Certainly your collective prayers will ensure success. How could it not? God listens and provides.

Volunteers - There is a saying, “many hands make light work”. We need more hands in light of the work we need to do. The Casita will always be looking for dedicated leaders and individuals to come and join our great organization. We are looking for anyone willing to work from home with good writing skills. We also visit our families that come on community days. If you think you are ready to be one of us kindly contact the church at 623-3372 or visit the Casita located at the back of the church.

What Our Volunteers Say